Motor Oil Leak
Detecting a leak, issues that can arise and how to fix it yourself.
Motor oil is an essential part of your vehicle. It lubricates the engine, helps cool the engine and reduces corrosion. An oil leak can cause irreversible damage to your engine.

How to tell if you have an oil leak

Burning Oil Smell-
The oil leaking from your engine will drip onto hot components in your vehicle and burn off giving a distinct burnt scent. You may also hear “sizzling” noises coming from where the engine is located.

Blue Smoke- When motor oil burns it produces a blue smoke, you will see this blue smoke coming from your tailpipe.

Black/Dark Colored Puddles- If you’re leaving black/dark puddles everywhere you’ve parked, chances are you’re leaking motor oil.

Engine Oil Light is On- If your engine oil light is on make sure to check your oil levels. This light indicates that the oil pressure is low or that you do not have enough motor oil.

Low Motor Oil- Check your motor oil fluids with your dipstick to see if you have enough oil. If your motor oil levels have dropped, you may have a leak.

Engine overheating- When your oil levels are low there is not enough lubrication to cool the engine while you drive which causes  your vehicle to overheat quickly.

What happens if you don’t fix an oil leak

Without proper lubrication, your engine will overheat and stall. Engine’s typically cost 10-20% of the cost of a new vehicle so you want to act quickly if you suspect you have a leak. A leak can also damage your oxygen sensors and cause seals and gaskets to break down. And last but not least, remember that motor oil is FLAMMABLE.

How you can fix a motor oil leak yourself

Bar's Motor Oil Stop Leak formula is simple to use. It is compatible with all motor oils and is non-corrosive. Our Motor Oil Stop Leak also has special conditioners to help restore worn seals and gaskets. Although our brand is trusted by car care professionals around the world, you don’t need to be a mechanic to use Bar’s.
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